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When selecting a site for your pond, keep a few things in mind:



Fall can be a wonderful time to enjoy your pond. To keep your pond beautiful in the fall, remember to clean the skimmer basket as leaves collect in it. This will keep leaves from falling to the bottom of the pond and rotting. Large amounts of leaves can cause a drop in the oxygen level of the pond and be dangerous for your fish. As temperatures drop, remember that your fish will be going dormant and will need much less food.


Don’t be afraid to let your pond run in the winter! Most ponds can be allowed to run year round. Even if the only areas of the pond that are open are the waterfall and the skimmer box area, your pond can be incredibly beautiful with a fresh layer of snow! If your pond does have a problem it will most likely be in the stream area. If ice starts pushing water off the liner, simply pull your pump and place a pond de-icer in until spring.


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